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May 10 2017

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a bathroom is actually a bathroom [564x846]

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fangtooth moray
photos by Sacha Lobenstein

Moray eels have fake looking CG teeth

they also have a second set of jaws


(via Tyler’s Aquarium on Youtube)

The second jaw on the inside is called a pharyngeal jaw, and yes, it’s like Alien. Happy Alien Day.

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April 27 2017

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she know

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so im going to change my twitter language to french (to be able to understand what the fuck im clicking on the damn site) when i notice


what the fuck this is some 2010 bullshit

let’s fuckin do it


yeah okay cmon show me whatcha got



April 20 2017

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“You’re about this fat, see?” (via schizoduckie)

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It’s not actually known if lemons were made by humans or if they were just natural hybrids of citrons and sour oranges. Apparently it’s super common for citrons to fertilize basically anything they’re near.

great now we gotta kinkshame the fruit

Everything about this post is going in so many directions at once 

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